Leah McSweeney is a streetwear pioneer, female entrepreneur, cultural provocateur, influencer, and mother living in New York City. Leah became notorious in New York City for launching Married to the Mob in 2004, one of the first streetwear brands for women, by women. For Leah, MOB was a direct response to the male domination of the streetwear scene at that time, and she set out to prove that women could not only establish themselves as innovators, designers and influencers in the arena, but as consumers as well. She successfully brokered exclusive partnerships for MOB with some of the world’s most desirable brands, like MCM, Kangol, Barbie, colette Paris, Reebok, Burton, and Nike to make MOB a cult classic brand. When she is not building fashion empires, Leah brings her strong female voice and viewpoint to debates about pop culture, feminism, and sex as an advice columnist for Penthouse magazine and the co-host of the popular podcast, Improper Etiquette, as well as a contributor to Hypebae, Office Magazine, and Mass Appeal. As Leah continues to advocate for female empowerment, street culture and creative entrepreneurship, she also leans into lifestyle topics like health, fitness and breaking the stigma around mental health. Leah is currently raising her 16-year-old daughter in New York City