About MTTM

Once upon a New York summer day in ‘04, a bored and sauced up Leah McSweeney came up with the crazy idea of starting her own clothing line. The first of its kind, it would be “street” inspired (like so many of her male friends’ brands,) but would solely cater to females. Specifically, it would provide a voice and edginess to women who could hold their own (in the likes of a man,) but had the finesse and appeal of a lady.  In the few days that followed, Leah began creating designs, producing samples, and developing what would soon become Married to the Mob.

Since its inception, MTTM has survived as one of the first and forefront streetwear brands designed for women, by women. Through its use of streamlined cultural references and iconic one-liners, MTTM's voice has been clear and consistent: bold, edgy, and unapologetically feminist.

Over the past 19 years, Married to the Mob has seen it all, reaching distribution in over 100 retailers, and collaborating with over 30 brands. Moving forward to continually disrupt the male-dominated marketplace, MTTM has consistently emerged year after year with original collections, chosen special projects, and lookbook presentations with natural personality and unique NYC street perspective.
Powerful and purposeful, Married to the Mob is the embodiment of the intersection of feminine and feminist.