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The Real Housewives of New York City star, fashion-industry pioneer, entrepreneur, and mom Leah McSweeney breaks through the chaos of battling addiction, igniting the streetwear world, and disrupting reality television—all while being unapologetically, unrelentingly herself.

If there’s one thing Leah McSweeney knows for sure, it’s that life never quite gives you what you expect. Her road to success as an entrepreneur and Real Housewives breakout star has been paved with unexpected chances, soul-crushing challenges, and, for too long, chaos.
Now Leah shares her unique philosophy of Chaos Theory and how key moments in our lives can lead us to paths we never imagined. With unparalleled grit, resilience, and a take-no-prisoners attitude, Leah shares her story of finding her way by pushing back against the conventions of society, against the status quo of the fashion industry, and against the limitations of her own self-worth to create a wild, unconventional, and beautiful life.
From her years spent partying in the drug-fueled New York City club scene to getting sober, having a baby, and investing the settlement money from an NYPD assault to launch her business—Leah has learned to throw a punch and keep her fists up. In Chaos Theory, her raw, candid storytelling offers inspiration and insight for embracing life’s unexpected turns and finding meaning in the chaos.

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