The Holiday '13 collection is finally here bitches!! Leah made sure to cover all the bases with this drop. There are crop-tops, crewnecks, sweats, sports bras, a ton of new hats and t-shirt designs.  To shoot the campaign for these new goodies, MOB linked up with West Coast rapper, Lil Debbie, who definitely represents that "supreme bitch" lifestyle.  She's gorgegous, in-shape and has pretty amazing hair so of corse she's working the hell out of everything, especially that "Mob Cat" outfit. I'm hitting the gym hard body so I can even attempt to wear that. I'm also in love with the Wu inspired sports bra and every single crewneck sweater, I'm a sucker for comfort.  This collection was a long time in the making and everyone worked so hard to bring it all to life, so props to all my MOB girls! MTTM is here to stay, be warned. Expect to see more fly shit for the Spring, but in the mean-time, shop the Holiday 13 collection now! And don't sleep cus shit will SELL OUT. I'm not even saying that to gas you guys, cus jokes aside it is selling very quick. None of this would be possible without the most official supporters, so thank you to everyone who rides wit us. Stay Mobbing.


By Lizzie , on

Where can I get those leopard print leggings and crop top, they’re hot!!

By louis, on

Chicago needs u, lil Debbie.

By Kelly, on

Lil Debbie is killin’ it she’s got to come up to Chi city

By Oliver Howorth, on

lil Debbie is so fit for, plus do u do any mens garms

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