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 - My name is Leah McSweeney. I own a NYC-based women's streetwear line called Married to the Mob.

I read online that you were expelled from an all-girls Catholic school in the 8th grade. Is that true? If yes, would you mind sharing with us why you got the boot?

- Yes! In 8th grade I was asked not to come back to Convent of the Sacred Heart. I think their reasons were things like, "She's a bad influence on the rest of the girls!" It was a semi-conspiracy to get me out because there were a lot of poorly behaved girls in the class, but they had famous last names whose parents rubbed elbows with the Head Mistress and gave the school large donations. Pretty sickening. So out I went! I was made the scapegoat. I'm not sure if anything improved once I left...doubt it.

Coming from an all-girls Catholic school myself, I know that as awful as it was at times, it can also be really fun! What was school like for you? What types of shenanigans did you find yourself getting into?

- Well I think my shenanigans were partly why I got expelled. They included dyeing my hair blue and sneaking out during school night trips.

After moving to Newtown, CT, you began going to NYC. What were those trips like? If we went back in time, where would we find you at and what could we catch you doing?

- I would leave on a Thursday and come back on a Wednesday. You would find me at The Limelight, The Wetlands, The Cooler, Carbon... these clubs don't even exist anymore. We would shop on 8th street at Patricia Fields, Freaks, Henri Bendel, antique boutiques, Liquid Sky and X-Girl. The good ol' days!! 

Now that I have a daughter of my own, I understand the hell my poor parents went through. So when I answer these questions I'm just stating facts, I'm not gloating in being such a bad ass... and I definitely was BAD.

So, how did Married to the Mob begin? Where did the inspiration come from? What about the name; what is it supposed to mean and why did you choose it?

- Married to the Mob is something our friends just started saying to describe ourselves. It was like a nickname or something. We didn't have jobs at the time but managed to live well. And we'd say we were "married to the mob." Then we came up with the idea to make a few tees for our friends, and without even thinking too much about it we decided to call it Married to the Mob!

Tell us about the MOB team. Who does your crew consist of?

- It's grown into a movement aside from a crew or team. I get mail from girls all over the world telling me what MOB means to them, and that it makes a positive impact on their life—even in a small way. This means more than words to me.

Everyone from Uffie to Doutzen Kroes to Lady Gaga have worn your clothing. Who was one person who wore your brand that shocked you the most?

- Lil Kim. I'm her number one fan. It was amazing to see someone whose words and music inspired me to do MOB, wear the clothes.

You've used everyone's favorite bad girl Cat Marnell as a model for your brand. Is she as wild as everyone thinks? Also, you two seem very different, how does your friendship work?

- My idea of wild is probably a way different version of a lot of other peoples'. Cat and I have a ton of fun when we are hanging. I don't drink or do drugs and Cat on the other hand is trying to get sober—maybe she is now I'm not sure, we haven't talked in a couple months. Partly my fault, partly hers. Miss you Cat!

Although I had heard about your brand online years before, I didn't know who YOU were until I happened to catch you on an episode of Bravo’sMillionaire Matchmaker and saw you on it. Can you tell us about your experience on the show?

- I have to admit it was pretty fun. My make up artist and I just laughed at the absurdity of everything between takes. Patty Stanger is a G. She's a hustler.

For all of the guys out there who are head-over-heels for you, can you tell us five qualities you look for in a man?

- Confidence, biceps, intelligence, a sense of humor, and a good kisser is a must!

So what's next for Married to the Mob? Do you ever see yourself opening a store, or do you think online is the place to be?

- It's in early stages of development... stay tuned!


Tell us about the Married to the Mob x UO line. Describe the vibe and tell us what was the inspiration behind it was.

- I wanted to create an all-encompassing collection of our signature MOB attitude that you can dress your bedroom in along with being able to wear it.

What is your favorite piece?

- The pillowcases are my absolute fav!! I can't wait to use them.

What type of girl wears Married to the Mob? Describe her as you picture her in your head!

- A girl that wears MOB in NYC is all around bad ass! She might be doing head stands in yoga class and smoke a blunt with her post-yoga green juice. She might wear some Rag & Bone jeans with Jordans and a MOB crop top with a blingy Rolex and a Céline bag. She's got her hair in a messy bun that looks perfect as she runs from one place to the next, 'cause she never stops grinding. No matter what her grind is about, it's still that, "I know what I want from my life and you can’t stop me from getting it!" grind.


Who's the baddest bitch you know?

- Tie between Cindy Gallop and Sheryl Sandberg

What's the worst thing you've ever done?

- That would be non-G of me to tell you

What's your biggest vice?

- I'm proud to say I've given up all my vices that would have killed me. All I have now is donuts from Donut Plant.

Who is your idol?

- Lady miss kier

Are you dating anyone at the moment? If so, who?

- :) I am actually. He's really rad. I'll leave it at that.


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