If you haven't been keepin' up with MOB's HBIC, Ms. Leah Mcsweeney, on Twitter or Instagram lately, you've missed a whole lot. She has taken MTTM overseas to Shanghai, China to showcase the brand at Yo' Hood 2013 which was held at the Shanghai exhibition center. She set up shops next to other dope brands like Been Trill, Frank 151, SSUR and Stussy. As always I'm sure MOB killed it out there. There was also a large panel discussion that Leah was part of, hopefully I can get some footage of that. Leah and Yo'Hood also linked up to design some special "BITCH RELAX" hoodies that hopefully will make their way back to the USA with her!! See all the fun in photos and also video below...

By the way...stay tuned, I also got some behind the scenes footage at the MOB offices recently, just been needing some time to throw the video together for you guys so you can see what MOB has in store you for in the upcoming seasons! 





Leah's promo video for Yo' Hood 2013.  


Video by Frank 151


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