CL reppin' MTTM!

Meet the super cool and super cute Korean pop sensation, CL. She has been part of the K-pop group 2NE1 since 2009 gaining worldwide fame. CL is now gearing up to release her first solo album, which she dropped the first single off of today. The track is titled "The Baddest Female" which fits her very well. Not only does this 22 year old sing and rap, but she can dress her ass off. She was a staple at NYFW, sitting front row next to the sexiness that is A$AP Rocky, and is known as Jeremy Scott's muse (the two are very good friends). In the video for this new song alone, homegirl goes through about 15 outfit changes and they are all equally amazing. And of course she's rockin' the gold grill with fangs - fresh! If that don't make you dig her, maybe this will....she's also down with the MOB! Posting a flick to IG the other day wearing the 'World Champ' crop top.

Check out the video for "The Baddest Female" below. Quick thing though, it's not really in english, but I still sing along...or attempt to. If you want a translation for the whole song, here it is. 



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