What does a feminist look like in 2013? Some might condemn her and call her a “Slut” or a “Bitch”. She simply does what she wants and doesn’t worry what others will say. She takes care of herself and her family. She probably makes more money than her husband or lover(s). She has ambition and goals that are more important to her than a ring on her finger. She yearns for freedom and passion and refuses to live conventionally. Shot by Creative director/photographer, Chris Kennedy is a west coast native, currently living in New York. She has worked on many projects launching young artist in New York, alongside New York art department and the hole gallery. Chris captured total essence of #BITCHISMS in the beautiful Julia Fox. To sum it up Married To The Mob has delivered a Quickstrike of six jaw dropping Bitchism Tee's. They are ready for purchase !!!


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