Wow guys, where to even begin with this? By now some of you have probably forgotten who I am entirely and I've pretty much forgotten how to use a computer that isn't formatted into iPhone form, so let's just ease back into this nice & slowly - pause. First of all, I'm really sorry about my absence in these last few months. Between non-stop travel for work, perpetual writers block, frustrating romantic distractions, and overall living-life nonsense, I simply haven't had the time nor the desire to write a lick. And as annoying as that might've been for the frequent readers, I assure you that it hasn't made me too pleased with myself either. Writing is like therapy for me, so when I'm not expressing thoughts and actually putting them on a paper or screen, they get all tangled up in my brain like back-of-the-head-hoodie-hair-knots. Not a great situation. The good news, however, is that I'm back - and I've made a promise to both Leah & myself to keep up a regular posting schedule and not fall back into my notoriously slacker-ish ways. So since I've been spending more time traveling and in airports than my actual apartment, what better way to re-introduce myself than with a hefty picture post? A few of you might have caught these on my Instagram already (@TABATHAMMM) but there are definitely some gems worth seeing again. Enjoy...







By Sumi, on

OMG!! I kept coming back here like wtf TAB?! Glad I follow you on Instagram. You stay fly.

By AJ, on

Damn bitch, we missed you (and #datass)

By Lucille, on

Welcome back Tabatha, we’ve missed you dearly.

By Elle, on

“you never know what you got till its gone” and nothing is more true, although I knew what I had in the blogger in you. Missed you Tab but all the more excited to hear whats been going on and pics!! more so whats in/out and some delicious dillz. ha! xoxoxox to infinity

By lani, on

Missed you soo much!!! Not the same without you! And holy fuck you were in bangkok! I was in bangkok! We could of bangkokt together!

By Edith, on

Welcome back Tab…we’ve all missed you.

By c, on

Finally!!! I missed your writing a lot. I just can’t vibe with the other post lately.

By D.broussard, on

Yasssssss bitch! Sheesh! Lol.

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