This precious little gem hailing from the DMV is our office hottie!!!

Ian interns for Rob with New York Art Department, and three times a week he blesses us with his presence after a long day at NYU. We can all count on him to rock his Levis in assorted colors & fabrics with his leather belt, sometimes even a bubble vest. Ian majors in marketing and is involved in student government as director of marketing and communications for his dorm. At NYU's weekly Shabbat dinner Ian converted an attendee to Judaism. There's nothing he can't do. Not to mention that face, he's giving us 90's Macaulay Culkin/Justin Beiber realness. Sex symbol to say the least. We love Ian and will all be sad when he goes back home this summer!

 If you want to keep up with Ian follow him on twitter or instagram: @ianreagan

Check out his website: www.rockwood-urban.com





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We love you Ian

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