Supreme Bitchiness: A Statement From Leah McSweeney About Being Sued


As some of you may have heard, Supreme is suing me for $10 million over my "Supreme Bitch" design.  I've been using this design since the first MOB collection in summer 2004. I even sold it as a tee at Union, a store owned and managed by Supreme's founder James Jebbia, who gave the design his blessing.  Now, he's claiming that the design infringes his trademark rights.  

Unlike some companies that blatantly rip-off other brand logos, Married To The Mob has always had its own identity and aesthetic by being an extension of my life experiences. I started this company when I was 22 and have come a long way without a piggyback ride from anyone. 
Supreme Bitch is one design of many; one slogan of many.  And the use of the design has always been to make fun of the misogynistic vibe of Supreme and the boys who wear it.  

Bottom line is this: I don't think Supreme should be able to squash free speech or my right to utilize parody in my design aesthetic. It's one of the most powerful ways for me to comment on the boy's club mentality that's pervasive in the streetwear/skater world.  The fact that Supreme is coming after MOB and me personally is just another example of the hostility that MOB -- the first women's street wear brand -- has faced from Day 1. And it's why the Supreme Bitch message is so important. 

Civil liberties attorney Norman Siegel agreed to take my case and act as co-counsel along with Edward Rosenthal of Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC, a law firm that specializes in trademark issues. This isn't a fight I went out looking for, but I have no choice other than to fight back. Because right now, it's about more than just a t-shirt!
For Transparency, I've Added the Court Document Below:



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By JustyCakes, on

Although I agree that it is ridiculous that Supreme is suing you for copyright infringement, I think you are really reaching in your views on their motives. This is a clear cut case of you potentially stealing their ideas (really just their font), which they stole from Kreuger, in which they have no ground to stand. But you bringing up anything to do with mysoginy is just rediculous. I also have to disagree with your view on skateboarding being a “boy’s club”, but mostly because skateboarding IS a boy’s club. The only reason I say this is because a huge majority of skateboarders are male. There is absolutely nothing mysoginistic about it. That it like me saying that cheerleading is a woman’s club, which is kinda true, but I challenge you to find a guy who actually cares that it is. Just stick to the issue, who stole who’s font first.

By Gary Simpson, on

I am on your side Leah :) be brave, think of God and don’t let the emotion get to you… that’s how law works….. it creates fear. Just look at the facts, that’s all a Judge does :) I never even heard of you until I came across Millionaire Matchmaker a few days ago…. WOW you are beautiful :) you’ll win I am sure :)

I’ll pray for you :)

Gary xxxx (Cuxton, Rochester, England, UK)

By Shawn Phillip Puckett, on

Leah I saw a photo of you with child I am not into being a stepfather by forever Jacob as well

By s, on

what lucille said. If anything, supreme ripped their “trademark” off a famous artist (krueger) whose work parodies this bullshit. to then trademark her work which ranks on capitalism to make money and then sue someone else claiming it’s their mark is just… utter greed.

By Liberty, on

I respect both supreme & my tm, but seriously … there’s so many more supreme knock offs out there who actually claim to be a SUPREME item.

By Liberty, on

If they’re so anal about this shit why don’t they sue all the people who sell replica supreme hats on ebay for $10? Or the people who have replica wholesale sites selling fake supreme everything pretty much for like $30 hahahahahahahahaahahhaahhahaha

By Hail Mary Full of Grace, on

Damn, like that. I support mob

By david, on

bullshit suit. First off, you are a supreme bitch when you need to, and then it purely descriptive. And, with clowns like Supreme you clearly need to. Crush them.

By M, on

I like how there are all these dudes in this thread trying to accuse McSweeny and her followers of not being “real feminists” or “good feminists” despite having clearly never read a stitch of feminist literature. “Bitch is the opposite of a feminist! You’re not being a good feminist!” Sit the fuck down. Y’all are just ashy dick fucktrumpets who can’t handle the fact that a woman’s calling your overlord on his bullshit.

I don’t know why this is such a big problem. MOB’s not stealing away Supreme’s customers by selling lighthearted tees with an empowering message. And yes, bitch can be an empowering word. Bitch is what you call us when we act like men. You use that word because you’re afraid that women will treat you the way you treat women. Bitch is a woman who doesn’t passively put up with misogynist bullshit. What good feminist isn’t a Supreme Bitch?

By willy, on

It’s really funny for me to see the pattern between people’s comments: The majority of people supporting MOB are women, while those supporting Supreme are men. While McSweeny is play the Gender card, it seems like the argument has the same issue. As for the Supreme Bitch logo, it is piggy-backing off of Supreme’s popularity. It is fine to use another product as inspiration, or to attract attention, but after that, you’re supposed to move on instead of using it more. It becomes even more clear that MOB is trying to imitate Supreme’s image when I found a futura shirt on the online store. It’s pitiful to see not only one, but two designs that have been stolen. And as for this brand, the message isn’t empowering, it;s disgraceful. Supreme’s designs have always been tame, whereas shirts that say “Good dick will imprison you” are sending the worst message. As a feminist, I’m sure Barbara Krugar would be appalled as Mob is encouraging girls to be slutty instead of empowered. In short Supreme deserves to win this.

By greg, on

As i see it, whoever wins the case or not… Obviously supreme will live on. The supreme bitch will become tacky but it wont have an effect on supremes overall brand. As for mob i think if they win the case it wont matter because itll be a win to sell tacky clothing. And to make this a feminine issue is wrong. You want to talk about minorties, skateboarders have had to be minorities and lately that community is getting a break. Supreme is still a skate shop. So whoever wins, i think its gonna hurt the mob brand

By Nathan, on

“Unlike some companies that blatantly rip-off other brand logos, Married To The Mob has always had its own identity and aesthetic by being an extension of my life experience” LOL shut the fuck up. jebbia only let your fucking shirt slide in 04 because it was new and ironic back then and no one else had done it and it was ONE shirt that was sold at union, a respectable store. now you stupid cunts are slapping it on shirts, mugs, and fucking mouse pads for christ sake. anything to make a fucking buck. and to top it all off you push as much of the shit as you can through karmaloop and other horrible retailers. and on top of it all you are now trying to trademark “Supreme Bitch” like you are some kind of marketing genius. when supreme pays homage to a logo they replace it with their own name and make it their own not just slap a word like bitch at the end. they dont make “Hermés Bitch” mousepads and mugs and sell them at any mall that will carry the bullshit. that is why you are being sued. dont try to play coy like oh my god i am so original how could they think i am stealing their logo?!?! if it wasnt for supreme you would have never made it off the ground with the queen bee design. so pay up and shut up and move on to exploiting another brand for every dollar possible.

By Vincent Wong-Crocitto, on

Well, be glad that you’re getting some publicity because I never heard of your “brand” before the Supreme lawsuit.

My view is that trying to partake in the feminist movement with a shirt that says “Supreme Bitch” is pretty weak. Girls that wear the shirts or hats are labeling themselves as bitches…I feel that’s the opposite of being a feminist? But yeah. Overall, it just seems like one of the many instances in which a brand is trying to play on Supreme’s now infamous logo and using its popularity as irony.

When it all comes down to it, however, we wouldn’t be here without Barbara Kruger.

By neutral opinion, on

So MTTM are aiming to be the next OBEY/ECKO clothing. Let them carry on. Let them try and make this a feminist issue it’s laughable. The fact she’s called skateboarding a boys club is very evident that she a) doesn’t skate and b) likes to cry witch to get her way.

I don’t like Supreme, 5boro is more relevant in terms of skateboarding in NYC compared to Supreme which is more fashion these days. But to say that the SUPREME BITCH T Shirt is parody is bull. I haven’t seen it anywhere since 2004 then suddenly it’s all over the place once again? Hmmmm, that fact this piece has been written and is inciting misogyny is a very telling point. This is a copyright claim and yet MTTM are playing the sex card? Why? Because they know that anyone who sees the box logo think SUPREME. Play the Barbara card all you want but the fact remains most kids don’t have a clue about that, they see the box they see the font they think SUPREME. Again let me state, I’m not a fan of SUPREME. But I can see that to try and copyright SUPREME BITCH (and sell it in Urban Outfitters of all places) is to piggy back off the success of another company.

Everybody wants to see feminist companies succeed in streetwear, look at SMUT in the uk (using original ideas) as a good example.

The guilty usually tend to shout the loudest, and I don’t hear as much from the SUPREME camp as I do from the MTTB camp.

But keep on pretending this is a crusade for equality and not the dollar dollar bills. At least you’ll get that cash money, not some money, but all the money,from the sale of those SUPREME BITCH mugs and mouse mats. They’ll look very “street” next to all those “PUGS NOT HUGS” T-shirts. Good luck becoming this decades Airwalk, see you in TJ MAXX real soon.

By Man Alive, on

Aside from the fact that Supreme are behaving like a bunch of idiots, I’m sorry but this whole thing about the “boy’s club mentality that’s pervasive in the streetwear/skater world” is complete bullshit. It’s mainly a boys past time, always has been. Just because something isn’t completely mixed in terms of gender participation does NOT make it a feminist issue, or mean that it’s a misogynistic world so stop trying to marginalise those in it. You’re not a part of it, so just accept that – you’ll never be a part of it either, because skateboarders respect skateboarders that put the work in and it’s just simply the case that there have never been as many girls that do it. The girls that are a part of the scene get the same respect as the rest of their peers. Look it up.

I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what you’re attempting to oppose.

It’s like me saying that hipster sewing clubs have a “girl’s club mentality that’s pervasive in the crochet world”, I mean please, what the hell? Are we not past these stereotypes? Can we not just accept that boys will be boys and girls will be girls? Equality isn’t about what hobbies or interest attract particular sexes. These pricks all need to get over themselves, you included.

I don’t feel sorry for Barbara because she knows she’s right, we know she’s right, and so do both of the parties in the lawsuit. I just think that she needs an apology from them, and you for attempting to appropriate her philosophy and essentially bastardise it (I know, you’re saying that it’s a parody, but it’s not a very intelligent parody in my opinion). Sorry, I think everyone has just lost touch with reality in this case.

By Kate Good, on


I was just wondering if it is legal to publish the court documents as I want to do this (publish court documents) for an artwork I am doing.

Kind regards, Kate May Good


Is this for real?! MOB FOR LIFE, I wouldn’t give a fuck about Supreme & buying it for any guy were it not for this shirt by MOB.

By maria, on

Moral of the story: Nothing is new under the sun. And seriously, fuck the tools saying derogative things about Leah. Can’t you herbs think of something more intelligent to argue than calling her a “dick rider”? Women are the new men.

By booho, on

bottom line is the aesthetic/trademark that is supremes, inspired by barabara kruger the ARtist, that they have trademarked-was directly bitten by Mo, hence why they tried to trademark it their selves rt?- bottom line- and really why the f would I want to be even referenced as a Supreme bitch sounds like your a bitch ass for supreme to me- being as Im sure you fucked most of the guys there, it kinda seems even humilitaing to where a corny statement refrencing the biggest dick head brand out there- ITS NOT FUNNY STOP PLEASE and there is NOTHING and maybe your fanbase isnt the smartest out there, but there is NOTHING feminist about you saying you fuck for chanel- nah just bite off another brands identity, reclaim it as your own, ride a couple dicks on your way up- get rich and buy some fucking chanel- now thats the way a real bitch does it rt? If it weren’t for a few good dicks nobody would of ever heard of you.

By Warby Parker, on

She admitted to taking a shot at them and poking fun of the “boys” who wear they’re clothing. James is just telling her that the piggy back ride is over. Of course, those who don’t understand jack about the suit, are turning it into a feminist debate. He or she who is wrong in the end will have to swallow his or her pride , put your head down, pack your bags and leave NYC.

By K, on

Even funnier that this Supreme Bitch is claiming to have done it all on her own or with just women, when anyone that knows anything about street wear knows Alife’s founder did it all in the beginning, gave her all the connections and STILL does design work for MOB. She may not have gotten a piggy back ride, but she sure rode dick to get where she is.
Supreme should win. She’s been fronting way too long.

By N. , on

Of course the people that are defending supreme are the ones that only see the Supreme logo stuff. Of course thats all your going to see ring now, after all this lawsuit has blown up these shirts. But if you have followed Married to the Mob throughout the years, you would know that their most sought after shit is not at all the supreme bitch shirts. The true fans know where that shit is. ive been a fan, and personally the supreme bitch shirts weren’t my favorite. Rather the shit that i would wear knowing I was wearing mob and i knew what it stood for. Supporting Leah was always the best part of wearing MOB because she is one of the people I look up to. So look through their collections before you say anything about them getting a “piggyback” because the true fans know where its at. If supreme thinks they gave MTTM their success then they are fucking stupid, MTTM got its success from their fan base and their true fans that didn’t just jump at the idea of those supreme bitch shirts.

By Salami , on

Street wear has always been a sardonic kinda commentary .. Heavily based on shit talking and witty kinda fun nonsense… I’m surprisd this is happening. It’s all about money.. Love MOB always..

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