The NYPD doesn't like you.

Founded in 2004, Married to the Mob was able to exist
after MTTM's CEO, Leah McSweeney, received
a 75k settlement from the NYPD as a result
of being a victim of police brutality.
Excessive police force is nothing new. 
The deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner are a reminder of this.  
In the wake of Daniel Pantaleo escaping inditement for his unjust
actions resulting in the death of Eric Garner, it's evident that 
The NYPD doesn't like you.


Support the movement to end police brutality and
hold officers accountable for their actions by copping MTTM's
The NYPD doesn't like you. Tee
Available in Womens and Mens sizing


All proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the official "Fund For The Children of Eric Garner"
This is a fund to support the children of Eric Garner: Shardineé, Erica, Emerald, Eric Jr., Emery and his grandkids: Alyssa, Rhiley, and Kaylee. The campaign is owned by his 3rd oldest child, Emerald Snipes.


There is no Justice There is Just Us









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