Well my darlings, I know I've been highly negligent when it comes to my blogging duties here in the last couple years, but I'm super happy to announce that…I'm baaaaack! Most officially! Between new jobs, traveling, romantic distractions, and just the general insanity that comes with trying to be a successful and responsible 23-year-old living in NYC, it's been hard focusing on creative writing. It's been hard focusing on any writing, actually, which is why you'll have to bear with me while I start back up slow.

I was trying to think of what the best re-entry post would be to quickly gain back your love, so what better than an infamous selection of DILLZ? Longggg overdue—pun intended. My latest celeb crush happens to be Raúl Castillo AKA Richie from that new HBO series, Looking. If you don't know, you better find out. Now sit back and enjoy…


By dowwntowwn, on

there IS a god! welcome back ms tab. you were missed.

By Claudia, on

I loved reading your posts! Love that you’re back! :)

By Lucille, on

welcome back Tab, you were dearly missed.

By Mikaila, on

Where have you been my whole life. The best is back.

By Juli, on

You’re back!! I use to read your posts everyday. So glad that you’re writing for MOB again!

By Gloria, on

i’m glad you’re back

By Chloë, on

I will never get over the picture of Leo and the lobsters. Happy that you’re back, mon petit chou.

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