Good Dick Will Imprison You - probably my favorite of the MOB Bitchisms, and at some point or another, every female (unless you're into chicks) will come to find how unfortunately true it really is. I remember Leah coming up with that a while ago, and even though I instantly loved it as a saying, I hadn't actually experienced what it meant yet at the time. Not every dick does it to you, even if you're in love with the person attached to it, but then one day you fuck around with the wrong (but so right) one and it's like getting hooked on heroin, basically. Some of you may be wondering why good dick has to be seen as such a negative thing - like why can't it free you instead of imprisoning you? And for a few hours, it does, but guys who know what power they wield between their legs generally use it to manipulate our fragile, lust-stricken minds. It always has to be stuck to a dude who's either totally emotionally unavailable, completely retarded, an overall asshole, or just all of the above. And no matter how much we try to reason with ourselves and find the courage to be "strong women" & all that shit, nothing seems to be able to fill that specific void better than the dick can, pun intended. So with that said, here's a way overdue batch of Dillz from the vault. Have a good weekend bitches!



By ab, on

so happy you’re posting!!!

By Jackytron, on

Casper <3

By Deas, on

Yesss!! Please post more often Tabatha.

By lani, on

So well said tab! And holy fuck them boys are hot

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